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Bruining Partners are fiercely independent, and all of our advisors are certified independent. Only advisers who have satisfied the most stringent standard of independence in the profession are certified independent. You can trust the advice we provide is unbiased and tailored specifically to your needs.

For over 30 years we have been passionately advocating and working for our clients to ensure that they enjoy the retirement they deserve. We work out what’s most important to you and put in place a clear plan to make sure this can happen.

Setting us apart from other firms, we don’t just make recommendations, we roll up our sleeves and ensure that everything that needs to be done is put in place, leaving nothing to chance in ensuring your retirement plan is properly implemented.

Retire with confidence. No false promises, just simply good advice.


Enjoy the Retirement You Deserve

Clear and transparent pricing. We have no incentive to sell any financial products. We don’t get paid extra if you take out more insurance or put more money into super. Due to our flat-fee structure, we also remain unbiased when assessing any pre-existing investments.

You’re our priority and you’re in control. As a client of Bruining Partners, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions. We’ll provide you with strategic advice and recommendations, but at the end of the day it’s your money and it’s in your hands.

No false promises, just simply good advice. We want to give you certainty and peace of mind. You won’t hear us promising high returns on high-risk strategies – we are inherently conservative. We use simple, transparent, low-cost, easy-to-understand strategies and investment products backed by independent research to ensure our advice is always in your best interest.

Clear and transparent pricing

You’re our priority and you’re in control

No false promises, just simply good advice

All advisors are certified independent


Building Long-term Relationships

Our focus is always on building long-term relationships. We have a strict limit on the number of clients our advisers can service. We think about the difficult balance between our time and capacity, and the cost of having an adviser. Too few clients, the cost of an adviser becomes an expense too few can afford, too many clients and our ability to have a meaningful impact and capacity to be there when we are most needed is impacted.

When our advisers are ‘full’, this simply means that they have no capacity to see additional clients without impacting our promise to our long-term clients – we place these relationships as our priority.

Our advisers have been selected based on their technical skills, broad industry experience, and their desire to have a long-term career at Bruining Partners, and as such we strive to limit the turnover in the advice relationship.

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